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He proposed!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Donald and I are getting married!

April 11, 2015 <3 <3

The day I got engaged was one of the most surreal days of my 28-year-old life. Do you remember your engagement day? I have to be honest; it was a whirlwind of emotions for me. Donald proposed on the land we had just purchased a few months prior and it was totally unexpected. Yes, he got down on one knee :). It was so romantic.

Once the news started spreading, we received dozens of congratulatory phone calls and text messages; and, congratulations from everyone on Facebook, too. It was very overwhelming, but in a good way! We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Being a wedding planner, I obviously had a few ideas as to what our wedding would be like. I knew which colours I liked best for the time of year we wanted to get married and the venues in Sydney that would be most accommodating to the large number of guests I knew we’d have on our list. A big wedding was inevitable because my family alone covers exactly 113 people. I know, crazy. Right? 

Immediately following our engagement came the expected bombardment of questions: Who’s standing for you? Did you pick a date? What colours will you choose? I didn’t want to let anyone know that I had our whole wedding planned out in my mind, and that I had a very detailed Pinterest board to inspire my vision, so I held back some answers, because I know wedding planning isn't as simple as throwing together a pinterest board and hoping it all magically comes together. Things change; almost every day like, your mind and vendor availability - and the guest list, and the weather, AND... AND...AND... 

Even though I'm a wedding planner, planning my own wedding wasn't as easy as one would think. I felt even more pressure to perform. It was like this expectation of how our wedding day was going to come together was growing around us, but it felt so far from what Donald and I wanted for our day. As a planner, I always make sure every last detail is triple checked, but this extra layer of pressure caused me to check a BILLION-times over, and then check again. I realize now this was most likely something I created in my head but nonetheless, it was stressful. I was driving myself and my soon-to-be husband, crazy. I needed a better strategy. Taking a moment to refocus can make a big difference in the whole planning process; so that's what I did.

I knew that between my career and a busy schedule planning clients' weddings, I wouldn't get much accomplished for my own wedding during peak season. Although each wedding is different, they all have the same planning cycle -  a couple of super busy months, a handful of slow, but important months, and then the amazing race to the finish line. So I re-wrote my monthly task lists, just as I would tell my clients to do, of the smaller, less tedious tasks I could complete in a short amount of time and assigned tasks to my LOVELY bridesmaids. Here's some free advice: Take advantage of the support you have around you. No doubt your friends and family will want to help, and knowing when and what to delegate goes a long way. Trust me :).  By doing this, it allowed me to hit my monthly wedding planning milestones and make progress through the busier months. Through it all, I needed to keep reminding myself, "what would I tell my clients in this situation?"

Now that I have the experience of being the bride, I can empathize with couples through every smile,  moment of panic, tear and burst of excitement! The complete emotional roller coaster that is wedding planning - but as a wedding planner, I know this is where I'm most comfortable