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Celebrating Love in Grand Mira

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Brad & Janel

Being a wedding planner I have the opportunity to meet so many new people. Although Janel and I have known each other since high school, it wasn't until I coordinated her wedding that I learned how sweet, soft and caring she is. Janel is also very detailed so as I'm sure you can imagine, her and I hit it off immediately! Our meetings always lasted quite long, especially the initial meeting because it's the first time she had an opportunity to ask every single question she's had for the last 12 months to someone who is knowledgeable and wanting to answer. We talked and talked and talked with so much excitement it never seemed like we were together for more than 2 hours but, we were (oops!)

What I loved most about coordinating this wedding was that Janel was very specific about her vision; she was very straight forward and direct, which made it easy for me to understand exactly what she wanted and expected of me. Anyone that knows me knows I appreciate a full explanation and as many details as possible, no matter the topic.   

During our first meeting we reviewed the wedding planning check list that I provide to my brides as a guide to ensure all of the major components were considered in the early planning stages and then booked. She had it covered. She informed of all of the contract details and arrangements she made with her vendors and I made suggestions as to how we could improve the plan or rearrange it to better meet the guests needs. 

One thing that I was very happy to recommend was that we do something special for Janel's grandparents as it was their 57th wedding anniversary just two nights after the wedding. Janel loved the idea of presenting flowers to them during the supper so we adjusted the MC's notes to include this special sentiment. As you'll see by looking at the amazing photos captured by the talented ladies at Hind Hart Studios, Janel's grandparents were delighted by the recognition. Sometimes the smallest gestures create the most heartfelt memories of the wedding day.

As part of our month-of coordination package we include logistical support, as I know not every couple has extra time the day before the wedding to setup venues or do last minute site visits. Janel and Brad had a wonderful bridal party who were easy to work with during the days leading up to the wedding. One of our biggest tasks was to setup the venue the day before, which meant lining up 30 tables and 290 chairs in time for the decorator to cover and set them.

The groomsmen were a little behind schedule when I arrived but you'd be amazed at how quickly you can accomplish a task when you have a wedding coordinator there to direct them. After a couple of regrouping chats and viewings of the floor plan we had the setup finished - complete with candy table, DJ booth and band area. The best part about it was that Janel didn't have to deal with any of these logistics, that was my job as the coordinator and I was happy to do it.

I can honestly say this was the perfect wedding to get us back in the wedding coordination groove! The pre-planning was completed with almost every aspect of the wedding considered, the vendors were easy to work with and executed their duties perfectly, and the bridal party was fantastic! The wedding day ran quite smooth, with a couple of challenges due to rain but overall it was seamless.

Janel and Brad thank you for letting us be such a big part of your wedding day. I admire your love for each other and your families and I am so happy to have been able to assist you in bringing your wedding vision to life.