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Wedding Planning Workshops.



The Wedding Planning Workshop

I am so excited to share our new workshop with you!

Join me, Jenna Sampson, Certified Wedding Planner and Designer, for an afternoon of real and practical advice on how to plan your wedding from the heart.


I will help you identify your planning priorities, design a personalized wedding day that evokes joy and happiness, and teach you how to structure your day so that you are present for every moment.


Photo by Michelle Leudy

Words of Thanks

Looking back at our wedding day this past Summer, there's one thing I know for sure that I wouldn't change, and that was having Jenna and her team. When we started to plan there were only a few things that I knew I 100% needed, and Jenna was one of them. As soon as she was booked, a weight lifted off my shoulders. There was so much I didn't know about throwing a wedding, especially one that was mainly DIY, but I knew that anything I didn't think of, she would. She literally does think of everything! And she did that and more. If you're not really sure what Jenna and her team do on your big day, the answer is they take care of everything. She approaches every situation with so much confidence and professionalism. From detailed lists, right down to moral support, not just for us, but for our families as well. Just like the Wizard of Oz, Jenna and her team are the magic behind the curtain. They are what kept the day worry free, and running smoothly.

- Faith Farrel

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Jenna Sampson

Based in Sydney, Cape Breton​

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