The Wedding Planning Workshop

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Hi! I am so happy you're here and even more happy to share our first wedding planning workshop with you!


ENGAGED: The Wedding Planning Workshop is designed around what I like to call planning from the heart. It is a high-value workshop that will teach you to think like a wedding planner, so that you're confident in planning your special day without the expertise of a planner guiding you through the 250 decisions that you'll have to make.


I've chosen 18 topics of focus that I think are crucial to planning a personalized and enjoyable event for everyone, and organized them into 3 categories: Planning from the Heart, Wedding Design and Decor, and COVID-19 Lessons Learned. Not only will you spend a full afternoon with me, but you'll also receive planning resources for you to keep that will help you to check those wedding planning tasks off your list with ease.



Photo by Sherri Poirier

Who Should Attend This Workshop


This workshop is designed for anyone planning a Cape Breton wedding in 2021 who:

  • Already has their vendor team secured but wants to learn more about planning from the heart.

  • Isn't working with a wedding planner to plan their celebration.

  • Only invested in a Partial Wedding Planning package for their wedding planning experience.


You may also be feeling:

  • You are confident but would love to spend a few hours with a professional to learn more about specific tasks related to planning your wedding.

  • You have started to secure wedding vendors but you’re not sure if you've identified or communicated all your needs with them yet (Think ceremony - reception timeline, sound requirements, and seating capacity).

  • You have a vision for your wedding day, but you don’t know how to pull the design together and make sure that the flow and structure of your day is correct for the wedding that you're planning.

  • You're concerned about how COVID-19 is going to affect your wedding day in 2021.





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What You Will Learn

Planning From the Heart

  • How to identify the purpose of and the priorities for your wedding.

  • Choosing the right people to stand by your side.

  • Making the perfect guest list.

  • Choosing the perfect Justice of the Peace to ensure a personalized ceremony experience.

  • Wedding etiquette vs temporary rules.

  • Choosing the perfect Master of Ceremonies (MC).

  • How to build excitement around and momentum for your wedding amongst guests.

  • Planning fatigue and the importance of taking a break now and then.

Wedding Design and Decor

  • An alternate world: designing the perfect space (density, area, perimeter and negative space).

  • Incorporating traditions into your wedding day.

  • Creating the perfect structure for your wedding day (ceremony - reception timeline).

  • Thinking outside the design box when it comes to popular Cape Breton wedding venues.

  • Music: how live music can transform an experience.

  • Lighting tips to support your light and airy, dark and moody, or vibrant wedding theme.

COVID-19: Lessons Learned in 2020 and Risks for 2021

  • What do Cape Breton weddings look like during a global pandemic?

  • Current restrictions and what you should consider when planning your 2021 celebration.

  • Venue wedding vs backyard wedding pros and cons.

  • How to prepare now for your wedding in 2021 and re-align your priorities.

It's going to be a jammed packed day of WEDucation, confidence building and, of course, fun!

Photo by Sherri Poirier

How To Register


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, seating is limited, so be sure to purchase your ticket today by clicking the link below.


ENGAGED: The Wedding Planning Workshop

Sunday, November 8, 2020

1:00pm to 5:00pm

The Creatives Loft, 54 Prince Street, Sydney

Tickets: $345.00.

Refreshments, a light snack and a small gift will be provided and are included in the ticket price.



Words of Thanks

Looking back at our wedding day this past Summer, there's one thing I know for sure that I wouldn't change, and that was having Jenna and her team. When we started to plan there were only a few things that I knew I 100% needed, and Jenna was one of them. As soon as she was booked, a weight lifted off my shoulders. There was so much I didn't know about throwing a wedding, especially one that was mainly DIY, but I knew that anything I didn't think of, she would. She literally does think of everything! And she did that and more. If you're not really sure what Jenna and her team do on your big day, the answer is they take care of everything. She approaches every situation with so much confidence and professionalism. From detailed lists, right down to moral support, not just for us, but for our families as well. Just like the Wizard of Oz, Jenna and her team are the magic behind the curtain. They are what kept the day worry free, and running smoothly.

- Faith Farrel

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