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Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience for even the most organized couples.  We will work with you to alleviate unnecessary stress and help to design a perfect wedding day.


Please get in touch to discuss your wedding plans and to see how our team can enhance your special day.

As a starting point, we offer the following wedding planning and coordination packages.


Full Wedding Planning

Our most popular package, the Full Wedding Planning package includes the involvement of J. Marie Weddings from conception to execution. This 12-18-month package provides you with the support of an experienced, professional wedding planner to help you navigate the 200+ decisions you’ll make as you plan your wedding; saving you time and making the overall experience much more enjoyable.


Our approach to wedding planning allows you to complete tasks with a sure mind and full heart, ensuring that we’re creating a wedding day that reflects you as a couple, your style and stays within your budget. The planning process is easy to follow, with monthly check-ins and pre-established deadlines.


This package also includes onsite, day-of coordination as well as the addition of a J. Marie Weddings assistant. This ensures that the entire day goes according to plan and that you, as the couple, are completely present in every moment as it happens. 

Partial Wedding Planning

Our Partial Wedding Planning package provides you with our services three months before the wedding and on the day of the occasion. It includes two meetings to review your wedding plans, one per month for the first two months, and four meetings during the weeks leading up to the wedding, including one site visit.


This package is perfect for couples who have already made all the big decisions and only need support with finalizing the logistical details, such as timelines and floor plans. A bonus is having a J. Marie planner to help execute your vision on the day of the wedding. As part of this package, we’ll review all your current wedding plans and offer suggestions on how to improve each portion of the day, from getting ready in the morning, to the reception, and everything in between. A day-of timeline is also created to ensure your wedding day is executed flawlessly.


Wedding Consultations

Our Wedding Consultations are designed to meet specific wedding planning needs. Consultations are customized allowing us to add value where you need it most. 


Some areas of consultation include:

Vendor Recommendations – Useful at the outset of wedding planning.

Full Wedding Plan Review – Useful six months in or towards the end of the wedding planning process.

Deadline and Checklist Review – Useful at the outset of wedding planning.

Day-of Timeline Creation and Review – Useful at the end of the wedding planning process.


Day-of Coordination

Our Day-of Coordination package is offered between November 1 – May 30 and provides you with our services one month before your wedding and on the day of the occasion. It includes one review meeting to create your day-of timeline, one site visit, rehearsal coordination and day-of execution.

This package is perfect for couples who only need the support of a professional to execute their wedding day and don’t require us to review their overall wedding plan.

Any in-season (June-October) availability is announced early May.


Design and Styling Services

Our design and styling services are offered exclusively to our full and partial wedding planning couples and come as an added investment to our packages above.  

This added value allows you to work with J. Marie Weddings to fully bring your wedding vison to life.  This highly specialized experience provides couples with the opportunity to work further with J. Marie Weddings to design and execute the vision that we’ve created together or that you created on your own – a natural fit and seamless experience! 

Design and Styling Add-on

Our design and styling add-on includes 20 hours of service shared between designing your wedding (10 hours) and styling your wedding (10 hours), leading to a personalized event that reflects your style and stays within your budget. This add-on includes establishing colour palettes, designing stationary, identifying rental and décor elements, lighting and floral considerations, as well as the execution and tear down of the design.

Styling Add-on

Our styling service is perfect for couples who have already established an event design and only need the support of a professional to execute it. It includes 10 hours to create and setup your floor plan, style all your rentals including signage, centrepieces, furniture etc., place seating cards and dinner menus, fold napkins, install balloon arrangements or photo booths for your ceremony, dinner and reception. This also includes two hours of tear down the following day.