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" I cannot stress enough how much Jenna and her team (Brittany) made my dream wedding come to life! It was pretty difficult at times, trying to plan a Wedding from Calgary to have in Cape Breton. But she helped me every step of the way! I don’t know what I would have done without her!!

She knew how much I wanted to be married outside. When we woke up that morning, it was pouring rain...... she would not give up on the fact, that the sun would come out! And it did, just in time! She got all the chairs and decor up and ready to go! And I had my dream wedding, overlooking the ocean, on the edge of a cliff at the magnificent Keltic Lodge!

We were a bit of a wild bunch (LOL 😬) but she kept us focused, from the rehearsal right through the wedding! She even hopped in her own vehicle, to take my wedding party to the most amazing spot, for the “perfect picture”!!

And she knew everyone’s name, there was a lot of people involved with our wedding. It’s just all the little things (and big things) she does!! She made each and every one of us feel so special! She really cares and loves what she does and it shows!!! People could not stop talking about how awesome she was all weekend!! Jenna, I could go on and on about you and how awesome you are!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of all our our hearts!!!  "

Carrie LeLievre

" Your wedding day is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life. Because of Jenna, ours was that and so much more.


Although there was a hurricane outside, everything ran smoothly inside. Leading up to our big day, a few concerns were addressed because of the pending weather. Not once did we have to worry about a backup plan for anything. Jenna was on it. She even had her husband charge a large music speaker for us just in case we were to lose power during our reception. While some may become flustered while a hurricane is happening during the wedding day, Jenna stayed collected and kept us calm all day.


We were able to enjoy every moment as it happened, rather than be worried about what was going on around us. She made sure we had back up plans, back up plans for the back up plans, unique indoor locations for photos, and most importantly, that we were having a great time.

Leading up to our big day, Jenna was always there. Whether we had a question, or simply just checking in with how we were doing, we knew we were in good hands and could count on her for anything. She didn’t mind meeting with us when we needed it or doing many site visits leading up to the wedding. She was always excited for us and her enthusiasm for what she does shows in her work. Jenna was hands down the best decision we made (other than marrying each other) when it came to our wedding day. "

- Jaclyn MacKenzie

" Hiring Jenna as the month of day of coordinator was absolutely one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding.


The month prior to our wedding, we had weekly Skype meetings with Jenna. She always came well prepared to each meeting and offered suggestions we had never even thought of. She treated our wedding like it was her own. Jenna knew the plan for our wedding day as well, if not better than we did. The schedule she made allowed all members involved in our big day to be on time. Jenna interacted well with all members of the wedding party, our parents and families, the photographers, videographers and all the other vendors involved in our day.


Having Jenna present at the rehearsal made everything run smoothly. She even went to the printers the morning of the wedding to get the seating chart reprinted since we had a last-minute guest cancellation. Knowing Jenna was in charge of the church and reception allowed George and I to enjoy every moment of our wedding day to the fullest without any worries. Jenna ensured the day was executed with perfect timing.


The fact that she was able to get all 7 members of my family at the church on time was a true testament to her planning abilities. While we were getting photographs after the ceremony, Jenna went to the reception hall to guarantee everything was perfect for when we arrived. The day was everything we wanted and more and we couldn’t have done it without Jenna. We are so very thankful to have had the privilege of working with Jenna and we would highly recommend her to anyone needing support executing their dream wedding day. Jenna you are a blessing! "

- George and Najala

" We simply do not know what we would have done without Jenna and her team on our big day.

From making sure I didn’t miss any details the month before, to being my “go to” person the week of, to leading my rehearsal to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible and to coordinating every single possible detail day of, she was truly instrumental in the success of the most important day of our lives. I was truly in awe of her kindness, talent and dedication.

We would highly recommend her services for any size or type of wedding. She made certain that our family and friends had nothing to worry about because she and her team literally took care of everything. She gave us all peace of mind and I don’t know how we will ever be able to thank her. "

Caitlyn MacQueen

" Jenna was worth every single penny and then some. 

I can run high anxiety pretty easily and quickly but having Jenna made everything so much easier for me to not only enjoy my wedding planning experience but to also get stuff done within a timeline.
When I forgot to do something Jenna was super quick and happy to help fix it ( thank goodness because I’m really forgetful)

Highly recommend getting into contact with her for any stage of your wedding planning

I had the wedding of my dreams yesterday thanks to Jenna!! "

- Jenn Wilson

" Booking J Marie Weddings was one of the best decisions we could have made for our wedding.

My husband and I considered booking their services as a wedding gift to ourselves and we wouldn’t change that decision for the world. I considered myself an organized bride and I took pleasure in planning my wedding but I learned quickly that, as much planning that I did before the big day, I couldn’t be everywhere and do everything on my actual wedding day. This is where J Marie Weddings came in. They made sure all my planning got executed properly on the day of and prevented me from worrying about anything. I got to just sit back, relax and enjoy my day with my husband, family and friends. Jenna and her team are incredibly professional and we loved having them part of our wedding day- our perfect day wouldn’t have been possible without them. I would recommend any of J Marie Weddings’ packages to future brides. "

- Melissa Gouthro

" When my sister first told me she was hiring a wedding planner I must admit I thought she was crazy, after seeing and living through what Jenna and her team do leading up to the wedding day and during the wedding day, she is 100% worth every penny and more!

Jenna & Hayley , thank you for providing more love and support to my sister on the most important day of her life. Because of you both she was able to smile from the moment she woke up to the time she went to bed. She had the time of her life and she owes a lot of it to you both. She never once asked a question or stressed about one thing that day, before she could think of it you thought of it first and had it done! Thank you again for making it it the best experience for us all. Book J Marie Weddings before it’s too late, you will not regret it!! "

Amanda Hodder

" I've known Jenna for many years and will never able to thank her enough for all her recommendations and for answering the billion questions I had, and will still probably ask her a billion more. (I apologize in advance!)

On Saturday I secured my decorator. Today, I secured my venue with the amazing help of J. Marie Weddings.  We were unsure of what we wanted to do venue wise for the last 6 months, however my fiance and I thought we were both set on having an outdoor wedding with a large tent however after spending 2 hours on FaceTime with Jenna she gave us so many recommendations for venues across the Island. It was between the Gaelic College and The Hearthstone Inn and today we happily secured the Gaelic College for our August 2020 wedding. I wish Jenna all the luck in the world with her business, however, I know she will not need much luck as she was born to do this. She's so easy to get along with and has a wealth of information. Thanks again Jen "

- Jenna Cholock

" Being in Edmonton and dreaming of the perfect Cape Breton wedding in our hometown..

We decided on booking J. Marie Weddings for the Day of/Month of Coordinator to make sure the final details all fell into place and to help with any last-minute stress. We wanted our families and ourselves to be relaxed and fully enjoy every moment of our wedding day. J. Marie Wedding’s did just that and made our dream day happen. We’re beyond thrilled we made the choice to hire them! Jenna came for the rehearsal and made sure we were comfortable with the plan and made sure everything was set up for the perfect wedding day. On our wedding day Jenna and her assistant Courtney were fabulous and felt like they were a part of the group! We received so many compliments on how relaxing, laid back and how smoothly the day went. We couldn’t have done it without J. Marie Weddings. Thank you so much! "

- Anne Marie

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