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Dream outdoor ceremony? 50mm of rain? Relax. You've hired a wedding coordinator.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Glenda and Tristan were married on August 18, 2018, the most popular wedding date of that year. It was also the only rainy day in a summer that temperatures averaged 35 degrees 😭. So, it's the day before the wedding, the forecast is calling for 50mm of rain, there are 270 guests, and a planned outdoor ceremony. What do we do? We redesign.

Three days before the wedding, the forecast called for tornado-like winds and heavy rain. Our bride, Glenda, was being optimistic, hoping that by Friday, the day before the wedding, the forecast would change and all her outdoor ceremony dreams would come true. But, unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We arrived at the backup location to rehearse late Friday afternoon only to find out that the provided space was completely different than what she had pictured, and there was no way it was going to work. The space was cold, industrial and not wide enough to accommodate the large number of guests invited to the wedding. We immediately jumped into overdrive. I, along with my two coordinators, Lenore and Steph, got on the phone with every wedding venue in Cape Breton that could accommodate 200+ guests and we had less than 24 hours to make it all happen.

Thankfully, our industry partner Michelle at the Louisbourg Playhouse rose to the occasion. By 7:00pm Friday night, Lenore, Steph and myself completed the site visit, made setup arrangements with the venue, redesigned the vision with the decorator and florist, and had the rental payment finalized. We reconfigured the day-of timeline to allow for the extra driving time to the new venue, reorganized the shot list, and started communicating the venue change to the guests. To tackle this quickly and effectively, we recruited friends and family to utilize their social networks and had family members call elderly guests. Meanwhile, Glenda enjoyed the night before her wedding just as she should – with her bridesmaids, mom and sisters sipping champagne and feeling elated at the thought that her wedding was the next day.

Glenda and Tristan’s wedding day was beautiful. Even despite the rain, we were able to bring her vision to life.

Read Glenda and Tristan's sweet testimonial here. 💕


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